As part of providing a quality service to the millions of people who use our website each year, we like to know who is providing us with information to be published on our website so when adding or updating a directory entry you will be prompted to log on if you are not already logged on. If this is your first use of MBendi, on the log-on screeen choose the option to register as an MBendi user so that we can immediately e-mail you your own unique user number and password once you have told us who you are.

If you already know the restaurant you want to add is not already in our directory, you can Add a Restaurant. If you are not sure, please use our Restaurant Search to do a quick check first. If it is already listed you can view the entry and, if you wish to update the existing information, please click on the ‘Update this Page’ link on the page.

If you are the owner or manager of a restaurant, then you will be given the opportunity to select one of our low-cost advertising options while adding or changing your entry.

We give additions and changes a final once over before they are displayed so there will be a delay of up to two working days from when you add information to when it goes ‘live’.

Shaun Bakamoso

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