General Information
Capital(s): Tripoli
Population: 5,810,000 (2004)
Area: 1,759,540 Km²
Currency: 1 Libyan dinar = 1000 dirhams
Language(s): Arabic

Time Zone: GMT+0h00
ISO Code: LY
Dialing Code: +218
Continent: Africa

Places to Visit
Tripoli, Benghazi, Ghat, Ghadames, Shahat, Apollonia, Bayda, Cyrene, Darnah, Khoms, Sabratha, Sebha, `Aawinah, `A’ilat Lamwis, `Akramah, `Aqqar, `Ayn al Ghazaya, `Ayn Ghazayah, `Ayn Marrah, `Ayn Zarah :[ View All ]

Travel Facilities
Accommodation (23): Ai-kabir Hotel, Al Safaa Hotel, Al-Mahari Hotel, Atlas Hotel – Benghazi, Beach Annex, Benghazi Hostel, Corinthia Bab Africa Hotel, Cyrene Hostel, Funduq Ayyussar, Funduq Gasr al-Bayda, Gezira Palace Hotel, Ghadames Winzrik Motel, Libya Palace Hotel, Massif Susah Seahi, Medina Hotel :[ View All ]
Attractions (18): Acacus Mountain Rock Paintings, Acacus Mountains, Apollonia, Arch of Marcus Aurelius, Assai al-Hamra, Benghazi Souk, Cyrene, Garabulli Protected Area, Ghadames, Ghat Mosque, Gurgi Mosque, Jamahiriya Museum, Karamanli Mosque, Kouf National Park, Leptis Magna :[ View All ]
Event Venues (2): Al-Mahari Hotel, Tripoli International Fair
Transport (2): Benghazi Port, Port Tripoli

Al Haram For Packing Service (HPS), Alshic Dlc Shipping, Arab Geophysical Exploration Services Company, LCM Oilfield Services, Medilink International Clinic, United Construction & Services, African Tigers Expo, Agip North Africa BV, Alhaikal, Arab Drilling and Workover Company, Arab Petroleum Services Company, Arabian Gulf Oil Company, Braspetro Libya, Brega Petroleum Marketing, British Arab Commercial Bank (Libya), Coopers & Lybrand (Libya), Esterlab Shipping Agency, Fina Exploration Libya B.V., Firestone Plantations Co, GECOL :[ View All ]

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We strongly recommend getting up-to-date medical and safety information before visiting Libya.

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