Travel Facilities
Accommodation (35) : Al Abadiyah Hills, Al Bustan Rotana Hotel, Burj Al Arab, COEX Intercontinental, Conrad Hotel, Grand Hyatt Erawan, Holiday Inn Singapore Park View, Hotel Borobudur, Hotel Hyatt Regency, Hotel Inter-Continental, Intercontinental Abha, Intercontinental Abu Dhabi, Intercontinental Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel, Istanbul Hilton Hotel and Convention Centre, JC Mandarin Hotel, JW Marriott Hotel, Kempinski Hotel, Le Meridien Commodore Hotel, Le Royal Meridien Hotel :[ View All ]

Attractions (30) : Persepolis, Agha Sophia, Angor Temples, Assawan Spa and Health Club, Ataturk Monument, Bagamayo, Bali Beaches, Bodrum Castle, Botanical Gardens, Cascade de Soulou, Charm Temple Ruins, Dziani Dzaha Crater Lake, Great Wall of China, Hermitage, Mount Choungui, Mount Mtsapere, Naqsi Rustam, Ngoudja Beach, Petra, Petronas Towers :[ View All ]

Event Venues (92) : Chennai Trade Centre, Abu Dubai International Convention Centre, Al Bustan Rotana Hotel, Atakent Exhibition Centre, Bahrain International Exhibition Centre, Bali International Convention Center (BICC), Bangkok International Exhibition Centre, Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre, Bharati Vidyapeeth Educational Complex, Burj Al Arab Conference Centre, Cebu Trade Hall, China Export Commodities Fairground, China International Exhibition Center, CNR Exhibition Centre, COEX Intercontinental, Conference & Exhibition Center, Conrad Hotel, Convention & Exhibition Centre, Dubai International Airport Exhibition Centre, Dubai World Trade Center :[ View All ]

Restaurants (2) : Al Mahara, Al Muntaha

Transport (26) : Aden Port, Amman Port, Aqaba Port, Ashdod Port, Bahrain Port, Bandar Abbas Port, Bandar Khomeini Port, Bangkok Port, Beirut Port, Chiba Port, Colombo Port, Dammam Port, Doha Port, Dubai Port, Hitachi Port, Hitachinaka Port, Kawasaki Port, Port San Nicolas, Port Tartous, Port Tehran :[ View All ]

MBendi Travel Directories
The MBendi Travel website provides some of the most comprehensive information on African travel and tourism anywhere on the Internet. With your help, we would also like to make it one of the best sources of information on travel to Asia!

MBendi Travel’s directory of Tourist Attractions includes places to visit on each continent. If you find we’ve missed one of your own personal favourites, you can record the details on our website so others can share your pleasure. You can even E-mail us some of your holiday photographs, the best of which we will display on our website, with your ownership clearly attributed, or share your experiences of visiting some special spot by adding a glowing description through our website.

While we provide information on somewhere to stay in every African country we are keen to know about similar places in Asia and you can help other travellers by recording those details on our website. You can also give your favourite restaurants, at home or abroad, some free publicity by recording their details on our website. But first search the Accommodation or Restaurants directory to make sure some other fan has not already listed your special favourites.

You can use MBendi’s directory of Event Venues to find the ideal place for your conference or exhibition, large or small, while MBendi’s directory of Events provides one of the most comprehensive lists of public conferences and events anywhere on the Internet. If you are the manager of a venue or the organiser of a public event which is not recorded in our directories, then please submit their details via our website after first checking to ensure they are not already there.

We also provide a directory of places so that you can see information you need tourist- or business-wise related a specific city, town or village. Again you can expect this directory of places to grow as new information is added to our other directories.

If you’re an experienced traveller, you might like to use MBendi’s Travel Tips section to share your special lore, while if you’re a novice traveller, you could use MBendi’s directory of Travel Organisations to find everything from tourist bureaux to event organisers ready to assist. In our directory of Publications, we are also compiling details of travel guides and other publications. If you’re planning to visit Asia on business, we also encourage you to refer to MBendi’s business and industry profiles for Asia.

List of Asian countries

Afghanistan Hong Kong Mayotte Singapore
Armenia India Micronesia Solomon Islands
Aruba Indonesia Mongolia Sri Lanka
Azerbaijan Iran Myanmar Syria
Bahrain Iraq Nauru Taiwan (ROC)
Bangladesh Israel Nepal Tajikistan
Belarus Japan Niue Thailand
Bhutan Jordan Norfolk Island Timor-Leste
British Indian Ocean Territory Kazakhstan Northern Mariana Islands Tokelau
Brunei Darussalam Kiribati Oman Tonga
Cambodia Korea (North) Pakistan Turkey
China Korea (South) Palau Turkmenistan
Christmas Island Kuwait Palestine National Authority Tuvalu
Cocos (Keeling) Islands Kyrgyzstan Philippines Ukraine
Cook Islands Lao People’s Democratic Republic Pitcairn United Arab Emirates
French Polynesia Lebanon Qatar Uzbekistan
Georgia Lithuania Russian Federation Vanuatu
Guam Macao Saint Vincent and The Grenadines Viet Nam
Heard Island and Mcdonald Islands Malaysia Samoa Wallis & Futuna
Maldives Saudi Arabia Yemen

Note to Travel Organisations
Travel organisations are particularly encouraged to ensure the MBendi Travel directories are comprehensive, current and correct as your businesses can only prosper from an increase in tourist numbers. MBendi’s Publications section has details of leisure properties for sale, while the Employment Space includes job vacancies in the industry.

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