Qualifications: B.Com degree
Positions Held:
– Director, Development Bank of Southern Africa
– Chairperson (Non-Exec.), Randfontein Estates Limited
– Chairperson, Swissair
– Chairperson, African General Equity Consortium

Personal Information

Professor Nkuhlu is considered an important player in the area ofsocio-economic development in South Africa. He is a director of Gencor and Chairman of the Development Bank of South Africa (DBSA) which provides loans for projects such as housing and entrepreneurial development.

Professor Nkuhlu also serves on the board of the IDT. The main focus of the IDT is on the needs of the poor, ensuring the availability of services to communities that cannot afford to pay. He is also Chief Executive ofthe Independent Development Trust and president of the Black Management Forum (BMF). Previously he was rector of the University of Transkei (1987 – 1992); and a partner in a private accounting firm in Umtata.

During his youth, Professor Nkuhlu attended political meetings and was a member of a banned organisation which led to his arrest. He spent two years on Robben Island and on leaving, worked as a clerk at the Loraine Gold mine. He completed his schooling via correspondenceand in 1967 was able to register for a B.Com degree at Fort Hare University. In 1976 he qualified as the first Black Chartered Accountant in South Africa.

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