Doors in the business and commercial world have opened all over Africa. Understandably, businesspeople want a strong legal base before venturing forth. Lex Africa, Africa’s first true network of leading law firms, grew from the need for law firms in member countries to be in a position to provide their clients, both local and international, with legal and business advice in whichever jurisdiction they may find themselves, and particularly in relation to expanding Africa-to-Africa business.

There has been increasing interaction between business entities and professional organisations in different African countries, and a consequent increase in client requirements that their needs for professional advice at the highest level be reliably available wherever they may trade or carry on business in Africa. A recent development has also been the new role which South Africa is playing in the economic interaction between various African countries.

Dealing with legal or commercial matters in many African countries requires an intimate knowledge of local custom, practice and language. It is also vital to have necessary contacts in key positions in government or quasi-government institutions. Not only can Lex Africa members refer clients to respected, competent firms across their borders, they can also access that expertise on client’s behalf. No matter where in Africa business may take clients, reliable legal service will always be at hand through the network.

Firms have been carefully chosen on the basis of their proven track record to provide immediate advice on international commercial transactions, litigation and other related matters within Africa. Clients who are referred to another Lex Africa member can be confident in the knowledge that the attorney who will assist them is probably personally known to the referring attorney, who will also have a very good idea of the capabilities of the other law firm.

The network operates on a non-exclusive basis so that members are free, where client requirements make this appropriate, to use firms other than member firms in a particular country. In other words, where a member firm is not deemed to have the necessary expertise or specialist skills to deal with a particular transaction, the referring firm is free to choose any firm or entity which can provide these to best serve the needs of the client. In this way, client needs and interests will always come first.

* Lex Africa Members *

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* Lex Africa Management Office *
Werksmans Attorneys administers the Lex Africa management office for Lex Africa.

As part of its service, Werksmans publishes The Gateway, a newsletter which deals with issues of doing business and law in African countries. This information is also summarised in a Lex Africa Brochure and Business Guide

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